On Logic and Faith


mona-lisa-690203_1920.jpgWe need faith. It is paramount. However, a common mistake when one tries to maintain faith is mixing it up with proof and logic. Now of course, I believe strongly in science, but I also value faith.

I am not talking about faith in a sense that mocks science, that says aliens exist and that you can jump of a building and fly away. Rather, I am talking about faith in your own ability to do things, things that science can neither prove nor disprove [that you are able to do].

Say you want to write a great novel. Or say you want to learn a new skill, or grow as a human being, or have a great relationship. Then what you need is faith. Science can impossibly prove or disprove your ability to achieve any of those things. Only faith can bring you over that bridge.

Now, regarding theā€¦

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