5|Who created the Creator ? 🗿

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The Linear Learner

“Evolution has capacitated our intellect to question the source of evolution itself.”

One of my classmates asked a thought-provoking question to our moral science teacher. Common people are often concerned about creator of the creation of this world and conceives the idea of godhood whereas atheists poses a witty question – “Who created God ?”. The teacher smiled. At this point, the theists are momentarily dumbfounded and finally provides an equally witty unfathomable unsatisfactory answer – “None created God as He has always existed !”

This article is written so as to contemplate and find my own answer. I request the reader, if is qualified in philosophy, to suggest variations so that I can refine my interpretations.

The incomprehensibility of any answer exists due to lack of any example or similitude witnessed by past experience. Hence, the analogy where creation is alike drawing on a canvas or writing on a…

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